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Freezing Beans: The easiest way to cook with beans

You have received your bulk bag of beans from Fresh Acres and now you would like to use them up in delicious cooking! The easiest way to cook with beans is to make sure they are easily accessible for when you want to add them to a recipe. As I am sure you know, you cannot add dried beans to your chili or stew and expect dinner to be on the table in half an hour. Beans need to be soaked (preferably overnight) and then cooked in boiling water until soft. 

At our house, we soak and cook beans in large quantities and then freeze the beans in sandwich bags (approximately 2 cups) to be used in future meals. Make sure the beans are flat in the bag when freezing to ensure a quick thaw time. We now always have beans readily available for meal prep!

To Use: Place the bag in cold water until thawed and then add to your favourite bean dishes. 

Fun Fact! One pound of dried beans is approximately equal to three 540ml cans of beans. 


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    I would be interested to buy the huckleberry purple potatoes. Can you please let me know if you will have any this year.


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